R F Calculators

Everything below is courtesy of the late Reg Edwards G4FGQ

Reg's radio engineering/modelling programs are free for all to use. For more information, his memorial site is at: http://zerobeat.net/G4FGQ/.

These are DOS-executable programs each occupying one binary file.

Approximate file sizes are from 25 to 70 kilobytes. Download in a few seconds.

To download from here to a Windows Desktop icon, click on a program's underlined name. There's no un-zipping inconvenience. Programs can be run immediately after download.

To run the program click on its desktop icon. If the program does not entirely fill the screen then look along the top tool bar and click on the button which expands the display outwards.

The mouse is not available when the program is running full screen. Close the program from within by hitting either the 'E(xit)' or 'Q(uit)' key when displayed on bottom line 25.

If, due to entry of 'impossible' data, the program aborts into DOS, to return to Windows Desktop type EXIT against the C> prompt followed by the enter/return key. Or to run the program again type the program's name alongside the C> prompt. No harm will have been done to your computer, operating system or to the program itself.

RJELOOP1 * Transceiving, single-turn, magloop antennas of various regular shapes.
RJELOOP2 * Transceiving, single-turn, magloop antennas of rectangular shape.
RJELOOP3 * Analysis of receiving, multi-turn, square, loop antennas, ELF to HF.
HELICAL3 * Continuously-loaded, helically-wound HF antennas, top-C loaded with rod or wire.
TOROID * Ferrite & iron-dust cored, toroidal coils. Size, Mu, Turns, uH, pF, Freq.
VERTLOAD * Base-fed vertical antennas, coil-loaded at any height, with coil design.
RADIOETH * DC, power freq & RF characteristics of a shallow-buried ground wire.
EARTHRES * Ground electrodes, rods, wires, plates, mats. Soil Resistance measurements.
TANT136 * LW & MW performance of small T-antennas above a system of ground radials.
ENDFEED * HF performance of Inverted-L Antennas above system of ground radials.
LINEAR1 * Models Class-AB, Push-pull, Bipolar Linear RF amplifiers up to 30 MHz.
BALUN4 * Accurately models HF transmission line transformer, impedance ratio 4-to-1.
RJELINE1 * Performance of openwire lines, 50Hz-1GHz, for any complex termination.
RJELINE2 * Full analysis of balanced-twin lines, 20Hz-1GHz, for any complex termination.
COAXPAIR * Full analysis of coaxial lines, 50Hz-1GHz, for any complex termination.
RJELINE3 * Full analysis of balanced lines with facilities for line xfmr design.
TRAPDIP * Design of 2-band trapped dipole antennas including trap design.
PHASENET * Design of T & Pi phase-shifting networks for use with antenna arrays.
TPINET * Design of T & Pi impedance-matching and phase-shifting networks.
SWR-FREQ * Compare simple & folded dipoles. Input Z. Feedline VSWR vs freq. Bandwidth.
SOILSKIN * Enter soil characteristics. Display a table of skin depth vs frequency.
COAXRATE * Power rating of coax cables for given dimensions and SWR. 0.3-3000 MHz.
ZL_ZIN * Compute what load impedance must be from line input impedance, Zo & length.
SOLNOID2 * Design of cylindrical, single-layer, air-core coils of all proportions.
MAGLOOP4 * Performance of regular-shaped magloops versus height and type of ground.
PADMATCH * T, Pi and L resistive match-pad design using standard resistor values.
MIDLOAD * Design and performance of very short, centre loaded dipoles above lossy ground.
LCR * Complete analysis of behaviour of a damped, LCR parallel-tuned circuit.
SWRMETER * Modelling, design, calibration & operation of HF SWR meters.
LOADCOIL * Design of short vertical antenna + loading coil. Slide coil up/down for max effncy.
PI_TANK * Design Pi-match output cct for RF power amp. Effncy, harmonic supprn, phase shift.
ZOC_ZSC * Transmission line Zo,L,C,R,G,dB,VF from open and closed impedance measurements.
Pi_L_Net * Design Pi and Pi-L output networks for RF PA's. Effncy, harmonics, phase delay.
TETRODE1 * Design of Class A, AB1, AB2 and C RF Power Amplifiers, beam tetrodes or pentodes.
TOPHAT2 * Short vertical antenna performance. Top-capacity-hat using radial wires. L-tuner.
RJELINE4 * Analysis of balanced-pair transmission lines. Line xfmrs with complex terminations.
T_TUNER * Design & power efficiency of T-match networks for transmitting antennas.
GRNDWAV3 * Groundwave propagation and field strength vs pathlength, terrain and frequency.
DIFFRAC1 * Radio propagation by diffraction over a single obstruction. Tx to Rx.
DIFFRAC2 * Radio propagation by diffraction over two successive obstructions. Tx to Rx.
LINOSITE * Line-of-sight radio links up to 500,000 kM and 90 GHz. Aperture, beamwidths, etc.
MATCHSEC * An impedance match by inserting in antenna feeder a short section of different Zo.
BOTLOAD2 * Calculate value and design the bottom-loading coil for any vertical antenna.
L_TUNER * Calculate L & C values of an L-Network to match any pair of complex impedances.
WIRESKIN * Performance of 1 wire, an open-wire line & dipole. Show effects of loss vs freq.
SELECT_1 * Simple receiver preselector is a tapped parallel tuned circuit. Also coil design.
TWOCOILS * Design & position two solenoid coils for desired coupling and mutual inductance.
DIPOLE3 * Dipole, at any height + balanced line + balun + coax line + L-tuner L & C values.
DIPCAGE2 * Cage dipole, resonant length, bandwidth vs SWR, end-effect, feedpoint impedance.
ADDALOAD * Location and value of an L or C loading component to resonate an antenna wire.
TRIODE1 * Triode RF power amplifiers. Class-A, AB, C. Tuned tank and Pi-match output ccts.
MULTILAY * Design of multilayer coils wound in bobbins or other formers. 3000 KHz and below.
WINDOM2 * Performance of 1/2-wave horizontal dipole fed via vertical single-wire transline.
FEEDPOWR * Radiation from a coaxial line feeding a half-wave dipole without a balun.
COAXTRAP * Design antenna trap using length of coaxial line wound as solenoid on former.
TWINTRAP * Design antenna trap using length of twin-line wound on former. (Experimental)
OSCTRACK * Superhet radio receivers - Optimum tracking of RF and oscillator tuned circuits.
STUMATCH * Match antenna Zin to feeder with stub line xfmr. Both balanced and coax lines.
STUBTUNE * Match antenna Zin to twin feeder with stub line xfmr. Includes xfmr efficiency.
LPF_HPF * Simple L and C Hi and Lo-pass filters. T and Pi Sections. Insertion loss vs freq.
BANDPAS1 * Simple L and C bandpass filters. T and Pi Sections. Insertion loss vs freq.

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